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In this vision of a “4.0” world which no longer has anything fanciful, because AI and virtual assistants should, according to all experts, prevail in all homes within 5 to 10 years, what (new) place for brands and marketing strategies? And how can marketers and communicators continue to exercise their profession effectively?

A certain number of evolutions are obviously already underway within companies, the most innovative of which will not fail to anticipate this strategic turning point, while certain sectors — such as BtoB for example or the universe of luxury brands for example — could be impacted in various ways, with the new situation likely affecting the most interchangeable consumer goods in the first place.

A more impactful revolution than the advent of mass distribution

Anyway, it will be up to all marketers and communicators to prepare for this new paradigm, because no one will ultimately escape the AI ​​revolution. And as with any major change, it will undoubtedly bring as many opportunities as threats to brands.

Provided, however, that they know how to focus on this almost obsessive objective now: get the best recognition and the best SEO on major platforms.

This will mean constantly adapting its offer to changes in consumer expectations, on the basis of big data collected by virtual assistants precisely: the surest way to remain among the “top of IA” brands, these new top of mind brands to the outcome of the work of concatenation and analysis carried out by the artificial intelligence of the platforms… Or an effort and investment at all times! A faster and more impactful revolution for consumption than the advent of mass distribution in the 1950s …

By dint of reading a little everything and its opposite on the developments of artificial intelligence, and seeing this subject so often (badly) treated with all the sauces, could be tempted to conclude with the buzzword… and the fashion effect that ends up making pschent.

This is of course nothing, and as regards the potential impact of artificial intelligence and virtual assistants on consumption patterns, it is enough to look at the photo for a moment at the end of 2018… To date in Indeed, as pointed out in his article Niraj Dawar, all the biggest tech giants have launched their own AI platform and the users’ homes are already in the process of accelerated colonization by virtual assistants.