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Ever wonder what a chatbot is and how does it function and would help our business to grow at fast pace? Keep reading and get all your doubts cleared.

Initially created in a “medical” setting, ELIZA (1966) was the first chatterbot: a “virtual therapist” was born. He simulated a Rogerian psychotherapist. On the strength of its success, the computer program seemed so “human” that many patients became attached to it and created a real emotional dependence.

Today, a real marketing tool, the Chatbot has gone in a few years from innovation to a powerful conversion lever and generation of qualified leads.

How? ‘Or’ What? Created for the purpose of customer loyalty and optimized assistance for users of a product, Chatbot SAV was born following the repetition of questions and regular patterns of exchanges detected by customer support for medical offices. But the recurring questions heard by the salespeople or the efficient marketing messages, pushing for the purchase, can also be systematized and therefore be the subject of an “automated response” available 24/7.

What is a chatbot for?

It was in 2016 that a big boom took place and that brands rushed into the automation of conversations. In particular thanks to the arrival and democratization of chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

Since then, advertisers have sought to create conversational experiences, aimed at capturing their users, customers or prospects via new less restrictive channels but also and above all available at any time, via a simple smartphone.

The Chatbot, beyond its innovative aspect and therefore a strong competitive tool, allows to :

1. Answering standard questions at any time, there is no more loss of contact. No response latency.

2. Open the dialogue, some people dare not ask questions orally Generation of optimized interactions.

3. Free up customer support for medical offices, recruiters, and sales staff to focus on more demanding requests and therefore high value-added responses.

4. Demonstrate an adaptation to the consumption of information that is increasingly digital, of all ages.

Restructuring of resources towards tasks with higher added value

The Chatbot, therefore, comes to support your switchboard, the labor community manager but also recruiters. In short, all trades suffering from repetitive tasks do not bring particularly results.

The other advantage, apart from saving time and optimizing the tasks of employees in contact with leads, prospects, customers or candidates, etc. … is to immerse the user in the universe of the brand or even to restore a somewhat “weak” or “old-fashioned” brand image. GetCallers offers Customer Support for Medical Offices to reduce their workload. While recalling that Internet users can now ask questions outside of business hours.

A chatbot is part of a real digital transformation process!

Not to replace the human, the conversational agent is there to bring added value to Internet users and the quality of additional services.

This how a chatbot can help us improve our business.

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